EdTech Startup Showcase: CareerViewXR creators Katie and Matt Chaussee on learning experiences powered by augmented and virtual reality

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In this episode, Katie and Matt Chaussee, founders of Be More Colorful and creators of CareerViewXR, share the story of their company's founding and how it is changing workplace and education experiences.  

Hear about:
  • The origin story of Be More Colorful 
  • Content accessibility 
  • Immersive media in education: video content, simulations, metaverse, and more
  • The future of career and technical education (CTE) - industries are changing, CTE needs to keep up, grab the attention of learners and inform them
  • Bridging the Gaps: skills gap, opportunity gap, and awareness gap
  • CTE for all - professional development for parents, teachers, counselors, adult career-seekers, and the incarcerated
About Be More Colorful
Be More Colorful, based in Fargo, North Dakota specializes in immersive technology solutions for solving workforce development problems. Co-founded by husband-and-wife team Matt and Katie Chaussee, the company has been at the forefront of creating immersive media solutions that help people make better decisions about where they choose to live, learn, work and play. Learn more:
About today's guests:
Katie Chaussee, co-founder and Owner of Be More Colorful alongside her husband Matt, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that began modestly with a part-time gig providing virtual real estate tours. Over time, their initiative has grown into a prominent EdTech company, employing cutting-edge virtual reality technology to innovate career exploration for students.

This transition from a "mom and pop VR shop" to an acclaimed industry player wasn't a walk in the park. With a steadfast commitment to their vision, Katie and Matt navigated through both successes and failures, ultimately reshaping their family life.

From a traditional young family with two children and two-incomes to fully embracing the uncertainties of entrepreneurship, Katie and Matt demonstrated the courage to tread an uncharted path. Katie's journey, less about glory and more about grit, embodies the essence of their venture — a determination to improve career guidance for students through innovative technology. Her role in this endeavor underscores the power of belief in a shared vision and the determination to see it through.

Matt Chaussee, co-founder and CEO of award-winning immersive media and virtual reality production studio, Be More Colorful, is revolutionizing career exploration for students with the groundbreaking product, CareerViewXR. Together with his wife, Katie, Matthew transitioned from a part-time endeavor creating virtual real estate tours to assembling a skilled team of media professionals who are revolutionizing career exploration with immersive media technology.

Motivated by his own career journey, which involved seven years of college, five major changes, and finally a degree in Mathematics, Matthew's professional path was marked by a continuous quest for fulfillment. Despite a successful 15-year-long career, his internal dissatisfaction led him to pivot, co-founding a virtual reality production studio with his wife and co-founder (and majority owner) Katie.

Through CareerViewXR, Matt and his team use virtual tours and virtual reality video to bring real-world job environments directly into the classroom, offering a dynamic and practical tool for students considering their future careers. Their ambition is to ease the decision-making process for younger generations, providing them with a firsthand insight into their future career path.

About today’s host
Scott Schuette is a Learning and Development Executive with years of experience driving the creation of innovative, multi-million dollar learning platforms and education programs for major corporate enterprise companies. 

He is cohost of The Fabulous Learning Nerds, a podcast sharing new ideas, learning tools, approaches and technology that increase learner engagement and impact — All while having FUN! Listen to the show and subscribe here: https://fabulouslearningnerds.transistor.fm 

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EdTech Startup Showcase: CareerViewXR creators Katie and Matt Chaussee on learning experiences powered by augmented and virtual reality