EdTech Startup Showcase: Classroom Mosaic co-founder Ben Gustafson on the necessity of easy and effective observations

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Ben Gustafson, founder of Classroom Mosaic is our guest on the show today. Classroom Mosaic is a teacher observation platform that powers transformational leadership with effective observations.

Hear about:
  • How Classroom Mosaic got started
  • Their vision for transforming teaching and learning 
  • The importance of feedback in K-12 education
  • The story behind the name "Classroom Mosaic"
  • The future of the company 
Hear more about Classroom Mosaic:
We help K-12 leaders support, develop, and retain their teachers. For over a decade, we've worked with educators worldwide from districts large (100k students) and small (150 students) to transform instructional practice, guide professional development, and impact student learning.
We believe every student deserves a great education. And a great education starts with great teachers supported by great leaders. Learn more: 
About today's guests:
In 2011, Ben and Tyler founded Classroom Mosaic as seniors at Dutch Fork High. They developed a prototype during a project-based learning class as part of a STEM program. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response they received from the prototype, they took what they learned and started building Classroom Mosaic.

They launched the first version of the platform in the fall of 2011 from their dorm rooms as freshmen. Within two weeks, Classroom Mosaic became profitable, with multiple school districts using it to support and develop their teachers.

Since then, we've fallen in love with the problem of supporting teachers well, and our passion for building practical tools for K-12 educators has only grown. We've logged thousands of hours with instructional leaders and expanded our platform to support teacher observations, learning walks, instructional rounds, team observations, teacher evaluations, and much more.

And we're just getting started. Classroom Mosaic continues to grow and evolve as the needs of instructional leaders, just like you, continue to change. Observations shouldn't feel like a chore. Experience easy & effective observations.

About today's host:
Scott Schuette is a Learning and Development Executive with years of experience driving the creation of innovative, multi-million dollar learning platforms and education programs for major corporate enterprise companies. 

He is cohost of The Fabulous Learning Nerds, a podcast sharing new ideas, learning tools, approaches and technology that increase learner engagement and impact — All while having FUN! Listen to the show and subscribe here: https://fabulouslearningnerds.transistor.fm 

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EdTech Startup Showcase: Classroom Mosaic co-founder Ben Gustafson on the necessity of easy and effective observations