EdTech Startup Showcase: Pedagog.ai founder Priten Shah on transforming teaching and learning with artificial intelligence

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Today, Priten Shah, the founder and CEO of Pedagogy.Cloud and Pedagog.ai, discusses the rise of artificial intelligence in education. Priten emphasizes the importance of navigating the digital transformation in the educational landscape. He highlights the startup's mission of transforming education through AI technology, providing tools to help educators in the classroom while also working to bridge the tech literacy gap. 

Hear about:
  • Priten's journey into edtech
  • The role of technology in education
  • Exploring Pedagog.ai
  • The vision for pedagogy
  • Lessons learned in the journey
  • The impact of AI on society
About Pedegog.ai:
Pedagog.ai is focused on supporting educators in adapting to the age of artificial intelligence in education. The company offers a variety of professional development options, including books, online courses, webinars, and in-person workshops, to help teachers learn about the latest advancements in AI and education. Their suite of tools is designed with educators in mind, aiming to enhance curriculum development and workflow efficiency through AI technology. They also provide tools tailored for student use, enabling them to engage in assignments that leverage AI capabilities in a classroom setting. Learn more:
About today's guest:
Priten Shah, M. ED and B.A, Harvard, is the CEO of Pedagogy.Cloud, which provides innovative technology solutions to help educators navigate global challenges in a rapidly evolving world. He is also the author of the Wiley’s Jossey-Bass publication, “AI & The Future of Education: Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.“ Pedagogy.Cloud has worked with over 200 different educational organizations to adapt and innovate during major world events including the Covid-19 Pandemic. He and his team are currently focused on helping educational organizations adapt to the ever growing capabilities of AI. Priten is also the founder of United 4 Social Change, a civics education nonprofit that focuses on helping teachers integrate interdisciplinary education into their curricula through animated videos, lesson plans, and innovative classroom activities. Connect with Priten:
About today's host:
Scott Schuette is a Learning and Development Executive with years of experience driving the creation of innovative, multi-million dollar learning platforms and education programs for major corporate enterprise companies. 

He is cohost of The Fabulous Learning Nerds, a podcast sharing new ideas, learning tools, approaches and technology that increase learner engagement and impact — All while having FUN! Listen to the show and subscribe here: https://fabulouslearningnerds.transistor.fm 

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EdTech Startup Showcase: Pedagog.ai founder Priten Shah on transforming teaching and learning with artificial intelligence